Career Transitions Are Harder in Today's Increasingly Volatile Economy

John Tarnoff

Founder & Facilitator

As an executive and entrepreneur for over 35 years, I learned how to recover from frequent management changes, re-orgs, and job losses.

Working in the entertainment industry for companies like Warner Bros, MGM, and DreamWorks gave me invaluable experience in product development, project management, team-building, marketing, and distribution. 

Launching, funding, and running a customer service tech startup during the 1990s "bubble" (with customers including Sprint, AT&T, Progressive Insurance, and Scottrade) gave me a digital skills foundation and entrepreneurial insight that is now more valuable than ever.

As a nationally-recognized executive and career coach, I use the tools I've learned to help other professionals update their career skills and overcome career transition challenges.

In my 1:1 and group career coaching practices, I support clients across all sectors, including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consulting, Technology, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Retail, and more.

My methodology is foundational. My work is to help synthesize the client's experience, talents, abilities, and values into a compelling value proposition. This value proposition becomes the cornerstone of the client's professional brand, and the key to finding career opportunities through networking.

I created the ACTP because I believe that alumni relations and alumni career services teams can build stronger loyalty, engagement, and donor relationships with their alumni by providing this valuable service.

My goal with these Workshops is to empower participants to recognize their value, build confidence, and create the sustainable careers they want.

a published, practical framework

My book Boomer Reinvention, which I launched on CBS This Morning, embodies my personal development approach to building sustainable and meaningful careers - especially for second-act careers.

While written for older workers adjusting to changing times, its five-step process is universal. The book serves as the foundation for the skills and best practices that I teach in the ACTP Workshop.

making an impact across a range of engagements

Since launching my executive and career coaching practice in 2012, I have used my own experience with career transitions, supported by a master's degree in counseling psychology, to support professionals recovering from unexpected job loss, or seeking a more fulfilling position.

As an executive coach, I work with executives at all levels to focus on their goals, improve their communications skills, and better manage their time and productivity.

Corporate coaching clients include Bank of America, Bridgewater Assoc., Levi-Strauss, Softbank, TD Ameritrade, and Thrive Global.

In academia, I have co-run a graduate management program for Carnegie Mellon University and developed the pilot program for the Alumni Career Transitions Program in partnership with UCLA Anderson School of Management.

As an Instructor for LinkedIn Learning, I have created and presented four video courses on the multi-generational workforce. My latest course, "Preparing for Career Transition Over 50," launched in July 2021.

Delivering Lasting Results

My goal as a coach is to help people build confidence and clarity around their strengths and their insights so that they can navigate current and future career transitions successfully and independently.

Their success comes from their willingness and ability to grasp their own intrinsic value, and to share that value with the contacts, colleagues, clients, recruiters, and employers who can benefit from that value.

My job is to be the mirror that reflects their own potential back to them - and supports them in finding out how to create their own path to that success.

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